27 Sep 2012

Leak at airport fuelling station in Marshalls leads to flight problems

6:12 am on 27 September 2012

A leak at Mobil Oil's airport fuelling station in Majuro in the Marshall Islands has caused problems for flights in and out of the country.

Monday's and Wednesday's United Airlines flight from Guam to Honolulu had to fly over Majuro, flying from Kwajalein to Honolulu instead.

Asia Pacific Airlines had to cancel a scheduled Sunday postal flight from Hawaii, and all Air Marshall Islands domestic flights have been grounded.

No passengers have been able to fly into Majuro on United Airlines since the leak was discoverd last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Mobil staff have worked around the clock in an effort to fix the fuel line at the facility that is used to refuel flights.

Amata Kabua International Airport Manager, Thomas Maddison, says the status of United landing in Majuro on the eastbound flight to Honolulu is on a hour to hour basis at this stage.