26 Sep 2012

American Samoa company keen to keep its local workforce

10:19 am on 26 September 2012

The American Samoa trucking company McConnell Dowell is setting its sights on getting enough work to keep its local workforce of 110 employed.

McConnell Dowell has been unsuccessful in its bid for one of the biggest construction projects in the territory, the Airport Road construction.

A newcomer Whitehorn Construction won the job with a bid of just over 7 million US dollars compared to McConnell Dowell's bid of 11 million.

The Project Manager for McConnell, Basil Ake, says it is likely the company will have to reduce its workforce.

Mr Ake says the company has been in the territory for 23 years and not too long ago it was competing against Fulton Hogan for road jobs.

He says McConnell has three other jobs in the pipeline, the Leone Bridge which begins construction October the 12th, while a new road in Fagasa and repairs to Aunuu Harbor, are set to start in early November.