25 Sep 2012

Solomons ministry shocked at sale of land

10:24 am on 25 September 2012

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development in Solomon Islands says it is shocked and disappointed by the sale of land housing a number of major national infrastructure projects.

The land housing the construction base for the projects at Ranandi Industrial site in Honiara has been sold to a private Chinese businessman for about $9400 US dollars under a 50 year fix term estate.

The Ministry has described it as an irresponsible decision by the commissioner of lands and says it may cost the government millions of dollars if the infrastructure projects are delayed or subsequently fail because of the land issue.

The 1.2 hectare land is used by Dalgro, a private earth works company contracted to the Ministry of Infrastructure for the Malaita south road bridges, a domestic maritime support project for wharves in the country, an upgrade of the airports of Munda and Gizo, the Munda-Noro road and road projects in North Malaita.