25 Sep 2012

Chinese leader says New Zealand and Australia bullying Fiji

8:20 am on 25 September 2012

The chairman of China's National People's Congress has told a meeting in Fiji that China will continue to oppose other countries which he says try to bully Fiji.

Wu Bannguo has been in Fiji since Thursday.

Cherie McQuilkin reports.

"In a clear swipe at sanctions imposed on the Fiji regime by New Zealand and Australia, Mr Wu told those gathered that China is opposed to the isolation imposed on Fiji by other countries in the Pacific. He denounced what he called the bullying of strong countries over small or weak ones. Mr Wu said trade between China and Fiji was worth 172 million US dollars last year, an increase of 34 per cent on the previous year. He said China's investment in Fiji reached almost 100 million US dollars, and he pledged further financial assistance. Mr Wu said he understood Fiji wanted to teach the Chinese language as part of its school curriculum, and China would provide trainers. Starting from the next academic year 30 scholarships will be made available to Fijians wanting to study in China."