24 Sep 2012

Fiji NGO encourages young women to participate in constitution building

5:49 am on 24 September 2012

The Fiji Women's Rights Movement says it has launched a video campaign to encourage young women to make submissions to the constitutional commission because it believes women play an important part in the process.

The non-governmental organisation says in the past few weeks it has heard reports from the Fiji Constitutional Commission that it has received very few submissions from young people.

A spokesperson for the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, Shazia Usman says young women have the ability to articulate their needs and opinions to the commission.

"We've been running a programme for the last couple of years called a young women in leadership programme and under this programme we aim to empower young women to make a stand in demand for equal rights and opportunities and we think that taking part in the constitution making process is extremely important."

Shazia Usman says the video was made with help from AusAID funding.