21 Sep 2012

Manus asylum facilities being prepared for end of October arrivals

1:23 pm on 21 September 2012

The provincial government on the Papua New Guinea island where a camp for Australia's asylum seekers is being re-established says the facility is being readied for its first arrivals at the end of next month.

The comment, from the executive officer to Manus Island's provincial governor, comes as landowners on the periphery of the Lombrum camp threaten litigation if their demands for 45 million dollars in compensation are not met.

But Wilson Kuve says the centre is on state land so their threats will not stop the Australian soldiers already on the island from setting up a new tent camp.

"They came in 48 hours back and according to our information they were given 38 days so minus two days that leads to 36 days to set up the camp on a temporary arrangement again."

Wilson Kuve says the provincial government will have to negotiate with Lombrum landowners if PNG agrees to let Australia build a permanent facility.