21 Sep 2012

American Samoa Government office projects loss for Sport Complex

10:29 am on 21 September 2012

The American Samoa Government office that oversees public facilities, which collects fees, is already forecasting a loss in the new fiscal year 2013.

The Sport Complex office, which is in charge of the golf course, the veterans memorial stadium, Lee auditorium and other public fields, is projecting a loss of close to 200 thousand in the new fiscal year.

Sport Complex office manager, Bill Kalasa, says revenue collections are down, and pointed out that the governor also wanted to order additional golf carts.

He says a recent purchase of ten golf carts costing about 62,000 US dollars was not in the budget for the current fiscal year.

Mr Kalasa says collections are down and every year golf carts are ordered but are not on the annual budget.

Lawmakers have called for a increase in fees at the golf course, but the government says hiking fees will not solve the problem.

The office has encountered a loss over the last three fiscal years.