21 Sep 2012

Sport: Vanuatu qualify for cricket final, earn promotion

10:15 am on 21 September 2012

Vanuatu captain Andrew Mansale says anything less than first place won't be good enough for his team in Saturday's World Cricket League 8 final.

Vanuatu thumped Belgium by 83 runs in yesterday's semi finals in Apia, and will meet a team they've already beaten, Ghana, who beat Japan by 62 runs in the other semi.

Despite being assured of promotion to WCL 7, Andrew Mansale says they want more.

"Belgium they did will -they got us four down, four top bowlers, but the bottom order just came in and stuck into it and did the job for us. We're happy now we're in division seven but the job is not done yet - we want the first place and we're here to go for it and there's no chance for us to miss that first place. I give my word to them that this is ours and it's our competition."

In the consolation matches, Belgium will face Japan for third place, Samoa and Norway will playoff for fifth place while Suriname and Bhutan will battle it out for seventh position.