20 Sep 2012

Bougainville setting up its own public service

7:15 pm on 20 September 2012

The government in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of

Bougainville intends setting up its own public service within months.

This comes as veterans of the civil war complain about the lack of progress achieved under the Peace Agreement.

President John Momis concedes their concerns are legitimate but he says his government has been making some effort.

He says this includes new legislation for a public service, an investment code, and town planning laws.

Mr Momis says a handicap has been the low wages paid Bougainvillean public servants but this should shortly be remedied.

"We are 3 levels below the rest of the country and we have had commitment from the national government to bring it on par with the rest of the country so that will be a big incentive to attract qualified technical people to come to Bougainville. As it is it is very difficult. Nobody wants to come and work in Bougainville if the pay poackage is quite poor."