20 Sep 2012

Japan extends aid to trochus, giant clam breeding in Vanuatu

1:34 pm on 20 September 2012

Japan is extending its assistance in developing the trochus, giant clam shell and green snail fisheries in Vanuatu's waters.

The first stage of the assistance concentrated on protecting the species but the project formulation officer with Japan's International Co-operation Agency, Motegi Akihito, says this hasn't benefited the people in Vanuatu.

He says under the second stage, Japan is financially assisting Vanuatu's Department of Fisheries to breed the species at a nursery in Port Vila.

Mr Motegi says they are now ready to move the young trochus, green snail and clams to Malekula and Aneityum, which will become the main bases for the species in Vanuatu.

Japan has also indicated its interest in developing lobster fishing in Aneityum to meet the demand from the increasing number of cruise ships calling into Mystery Island.