20 Sep 2012

Cook Islands designer overwhelmed by interest in Kate dress

4:30 am on 20 September 2012

The exposure from the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, wearing a TAV designed dress has opened the Cook Island fashion brand up to a worldwide audience.

People from all over the world have been bombarding TAV Pacific, wanting to purchase the dress the Duchess wore on her visit to Solomon Islands.

TAV director and designer Ellena Tavioni had gifted dresses for Catherine and a shirt for her husband, Prince William, to wear on their Pacific visit.

Her daughter, Sheena Tavioni, says it's been very difficult for the brand to gain exposure, but this has opened things up for them internationally.

She says people as far away as Spain, Germany, Ireland and India are wanting to get their hands on what they are now calling the 'Kate dress'.

"For someone of that high calibre to wear a garment from a small little Pacific island, it's just amazing for us, so it's really good, not only for our brand, but also for the Pacific Islands as well. Keeping it local, my Mum's main focus was she always wanted to keep it local, keep it genuine, keep it unique and that's why we haven't moved on producing overseas, manufacturing overseas. Producing locally is the best way to go and people appreciate it more."

TAV's Sheena Tavioni.