20 Sep 2012

Fiji's TUC condemns regime for ordering ILO delegation out of country

4:28 am on 20 September 2012

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has condemned the decision by the interim government to order a high-ranking delegation from the International Labour Organisation out of the country.

The ILO Contact Mission was to assess labour laws in Fiji and the decrees that place constraints on workers' rights.

The FTUC general secretary, Felix Anthony, says the mission arrived on Sunday but the first meeting with the government on Monday was abandoned and on Wednesday it was ordered out of Fiji.

He says this was despite being invited to the country after requests by the ILO last year.

"The Prime Minister and the Minister for Labour more recently in June at the International Labour Conference gave a clear undertaking that the regime was going to comply with all labour standards and would welcome the mission to Fiji."

Felix Anthony asks what gives this unelected the regime the power to impose itself on the workers and the people of Fiji?

He says there is no running away from the draconian decrees that blatantly violate workers' rights.