19 Sep 2012

Father of contemporary Pacific art opens up in new biography

1:20 pm on 19 September 2012

The biography on the internationally recognised Samoan artist, considered the 'Father of contemporary Pacific art', Fatu Feu'u, has been launched this week.

While the book, Fatu Feu'u - On Life and Art, is largely about his rise in the art world, he says there is a part of the book where he criticises his family and the Samoan way of doing some things.

He says this part of the book deals with his struggle as an immigrant, working in factories for a long time and trying to do art.

"Things I say about my family that they shouldn't be reliant too much on people living outside Samoa. I'm just going back in my life when I was a teenager, between 20 and 30, trying to start my life in New Zealand. I think the expectation of Samoan family on their young people, even teenagers, for so many things, is unrealistic."

Fatu Feu'u says the majority of the book is about art, and the people who contributed to making his life easier for doing the art.