19 Sep 2012

Police in Fiji boost hunt for escaped prisoners

1:31 pm on 19 September 2012

The police in Fiji say they are following solid leads in their hunt for five escaped prisoners.

The inmates from the Medium Corrections Facility in Naboro, near the capital Suva, escaped on Monday night.

A spokesperson for the police, Ana Naisoro says they are investigating whether the men had anything to do with four burglaries around Suva.

The burglaries involved the theft of a van, along with robberies at a doctor's house, a restaurant and a hotel.

Ana Naisoro says the Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Iowane Naivalurua, ordered yesterday morning that all resources and necessary manpower would go towards their recapture.

"That's why our men have worked into the early hours of this morning. They continue again, we've beefed up most of our checkpoints along the main exit points. We've stepped up our operations and if they need arises we will get more manpower to come in from those who are on days off and so forth."

Ana Naisoro says four of the men have been serving time in jail for violent robberies, while one is on a life sentence for burglary and murder.