19 Sep 2012

Cook Islands police have identified a man who abducted a child

9:05 am on 19 September 2012

The Cook Islands police say they have now identified a man who abducted a young girl from a school in Rarotonga last week - but they say he has since fled the country.

Inspector Tere Patia told Cook Islands news the Caucasian male picked up the 8 year-old while she was waiting for her father after school.

But police say he managed to leave the country shortly after the incident.

Police are now following through the investigation with international police partners, although from which country has not yet been disclosed.

The young girl was later returned to school, where she was picked up by her father.

Police are not sure at this stage how long she was missing for.

Details of what happened are still unclear, although a doctor concluded the girl did not show signs of being interfered with.