18 Sep 2012

CNMI Impeachment panel subpoenas officials, documents

6:10 am on 18 September 2012

A committee set up to review the resolution initiating impeachment proceedings against the Northern Marianas Governor has issued dozens of subpoenas.

Government officials, corrections officers, police officers, attorneys, FBI agents, a reporter and her partner have been served subpoenas to testify in the ongoing review of a resolution impeaching Governor Benigno Fitial.

The committee has yet to decide whether or not to send soon to the full House three of the 16 articles of impeachment that have already been approved.

Dozens of documents, including copies of contracts, financial records, government surveillance videos, video recordings by tv channel KSPN 2, and investigation reports will also be subpoenaed as early as Wednesday.

Committee chair and House minority leader Joe Deleon Guerrero says panel members will convene on Wednesday to review and approve the release of the invitation and request letters that will be drafted today.

He says agencies and individuals will be given five to 10 days to submit the documents requested of them.