15 Sep 2012

Renewable energy generation hits new high in Vanuatu

9:29 am on 15 September 2012

Energy generation in Vanuatu has a hit a new benchmark - for the month of August, a fifth of Vanuatu's power came from coconuts, wind and the sun rather than costly imported oil.

UNELCO, the country's only power supplier, has confirmed that last month just over 20 percent of the country's power came from renewable sources.

The Malekula island power station was even more impressive in its output, with 63% of its generation coming from copra bought from local farmers.

These figures are not constant for the whole year, with August a favourable month for solar and wind energy.

UNELCO's manager Philippe Mehrenberger says the shift to renewable energy will act as a shock absorber to volatile oil prices and benefit the economy in the long run.

"I think it will benefit in in the sense that it will stabilise the price. What we are quite sure is that the price of oil will continue to go up and the fact that we are using renewable energy will enable us to stabilise the cost."

UNELCO's manager Philippe Mehrenberger.