14 Sep 2012

World Vision to get audience with Royal couple during Solomon Islands visit

3:31 pm on 14 September 2012

Gender-based violence, substance abuse and high unemployment are key issues World Vision will raise with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the royal couple's brief visit to Solomon Islands.

World Vision is the only non government organisation selected to have an audience with the royal couple.

A spokesperson for World Vision, Laura Gemmell says on Monday, Prince William and his wife Catherine will meet with three people who have benefitted from World Vision's work in the Burns Creek community.

"They can tell the royal couple themselves about issues that affect them. They all come from an area known as Burns Creek which is not too far from Honiara, it's about ten minutes. And the primary issues there include things like gender-based violence, substance abuse, high unemployement and limited educational opportunities."

Laura Gemmell says World Vision hopes the royal couple's visit will bring exposure to the main issues affecting Solomon Islands.

The royal couple will arrive in Honiara on Sunday.