14 Sep 2012

Fiji's new constitution should be protected from being abrogated - NGO

4:21 am on 14 September 2012

A non-government organisation in Fiji has recommended a provision be established in the country's new constitution to protect the constitution from being destroyed.

The NGO Pacific Dialogue has raised more than a dozen suggestions in its submissions to the Constitutional Commission including the abolition of the senate, a reform of parliament, power sharing and a new electoral system.

The Chairman of the Board for Pacific Dialogue, Jone Dakuvula says there should be a provision in the new constitution that protects the constitution from being abrogated or permanently suspended.

"It is a way in which we deal with coups. A coup will not be able to remove a constitution legally. So say they have abrogated it or removed it but it won't be because a future government can just say that they're returning to the former constitution and it will come back."

Jone Dakuvula from the NGO Pacific Dialogue.