13 Sep 2012

Solomons' NGOs rekindle push for reserved seats for women

7:06 pm on 13 September 2012

A number of community organisations in Solomon Islands met with Government officials this week to try and advance their plans to have more women in Parliament.

There has been a unsuccessful push going back several years for reserved seats for women but this has taken on more urgency with a recent report saying Solomon Islands will not achieve any of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Gender equality is one of the 8 goals and Solomon Islands has just one woman MP and has had just one other in 34 years since independence.

The founder of the group Vois Blong Mere, Josephine Teakeni, says government officials could offer little beyond policy direction, and it will take civil society organisations to get more women into Parliament.

"The government has it limitations because while they still have policy and things like campaigning, its beyond them because they can't go into this space because they are public officers, so it's civil society organisations like ours and the National Council of Women to take over."

Vois Blong Mere's Josephine Teakeni.