12 Sep 2012

Nauruans want more consultation about asylum-seeker plan

3:13 pm on 12 September 2012

A community leader in Nauru says local people want more information and consultation about asylum seekers to be detained on the island.

Nauru is due to receive its first group of asylum seekers at the end of the week after Australia and Nauru agreed to reopen a processing centre there.

Community leaders met with officials on Saturday but the president of Aiwo district, Madeleine Dube, says information has been vague and too little.

She says she was surprised to see a desalination plant set up by the reef near her home, where locals play and fish.

"We're still very much in the dark as to what is happening, when they are coming, for how long they will be staying. We're having enough power cuts as it is. With more people is this going to affect us more or will priority be given to the refugees?"

Madeleine Dube says people in Nauru welcome the asylum-seekers, who will be allowed into the community, but she says locals still have concerns about security and pressure on resources.