12 Sep 2012

New flag, revitalised national anthem, called for at Fiji Constitution Commission

1:44 pm on 12 September 2012

A Fiji non government organisation, Pacific Dialogue, in its submission to the Constitution Commission in Suva has raised concerns over the country's flag.

Pacific Dialogue chief executive, Jone Dakuvula, says Fiji's current noble banner blue is just a reminder of Fiji's negative colonial inheritances such as racism, divide and rule and cringing subservience.

Fiji Live reports Mr Dakuvula saying a new flag would be the symbol of a new beginning as a nation.

He says the Constitution Commission should also ensure that the Fiji's history is conveyed and understood from the Fijian peoples' perspective.

Meanwhile, Pacific Dialogue calls for Fiji to copy South Africa in its national anthem and have three different verses in three different languages: one in Vosa Vaka Viti, one in Fijian Hindi and the third in English.