12 Sep 2012

CNMI utility owed 32 million US dollars by customers

6:53 am on 12 September 2012

The cash-strapped Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Marianas has disclosed it has 32 million US dollars owed by customers as of the 31st of August, 2012.

The government and its agencies owes the power company over 12 million US dollars.

The bulk of the government's arrears were incurred by the CUC's three biggest customers: the hospital, public schools, and the central government itself.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation owes 4.1 million dollars, not including late fees, while the Public School System has unpaid obligations of 3.1 million.

The central government, meanwhile, has a debt of 2.4 million dollars.

Besides the government and its departments, many residential customers also owe the power company a total of 11.5 million dollars, and commercial customers also owe 8 million.