11 Sep 2012

Fiji Ministry says it has managed to avert all strike action - Minister

9:27 am on 11 September 2012

The mediation unit of Fiji's Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment says it has managed to avert all strike action since its inception.

The Minister, Jone Usamate says since the set-up of the mediation unit in 2008 there have been no strikes, which are often held as the final resort for conflict resolutions by trade unions.

Mr Usamate says the Ministry is now seeing a high success rate of grievances and disputes being resolved through mediation, with settlements now hovering around 80 percent.

He says the Ministry's mediation unit is to undergo four days of training by two experts from the Singapore Mediation Centre, who have much experience in the area of mediation as they have assisted many countries to set up a mediation unit.