10 Sep 2012

Samoa National Council of Churches to counsel people involved in recent disputes

1:43 pm on 10 September 2012

Samoa's National Council of Churches is to meet to discuss how it can assist with resolving recent violent disputes involving young people, villagers and the government.

At least 24 people from one village were arrested and charged with throwing stones after a brawl involving several young people of Vaigaga and Vaiusu villages in the suburbs of Apia.

Villagers from Satapuala also partially blocked a road from Apia to Faleolo airport last month to prevent land surveyors and police accessing land they are claiming.

Council secretary Reverend Maauga Motu says the church leaders will come up with resolutions which will then be handed to the heads of local parishes.

"They will bring the youths together into a church or into the parish ministers house and it's there that they will give these resolutions and counselling in order for the youths to listen and get out of this situation of troubles."

Reverend Maauga Motu says he's confident the issues will be resolved.