10 Sep 2012

Council of Churches in Samoa keen to resolve village youth disputes

3:56 am on 10 September 2012

The National Council of Churches in Samoa has stepped in to try and resolve fights disputes between village youths, villages and the government.

Its secretary Reverend Ma'auga Motu, told Talamua online that they will be meeting this week to discuss a strategic plan to address the growing problem.

The Council had played a role in the recent standoff between Satapuala village and the Police.

Recent clashes between young people of Vaiusu and Vaigaga villages had also prompted the Council to act.

Reverend Motu says it's sad to see young lives ruined by such idiotic actions especially if they were following orders from the elders.

The Reverend says young people are having problems listening to their parents however, with the help of church ministers, the problem can be solved.

He says church pastors need to work together with village matai or chiefs to create a peaceful and healthy environment for the younger generation to grow and thrive.