8 Sep 2012

Nauru wants asylum seekers integrated into local community

9:55 am on 8 September 2012

The Nauru Government wants the asylum seekers who are expected to soon start moving into camps on the island to become involved in the community once their refugee applications are registered.

The first of the asylum seekers could arrive in a week with the President Sprent Dabwido saying temporary tented accommodation will be available from next Friday.

Nauru and Papua New Guinea have agreed to Canberra's request that they house asylum seekers who are trying to reach into Australia.

Mr Dabwido says during daytime the island will be open to the asylum seekers.

"They're welcome to our schools, they're welcome to the university, they're welcome to any facility on Nauru. So i think they're free to roam around the island. That's what we want to do. we don't want to put any more unnecesary pressures and stress on these people who have come from very difficult places."

Sprent Dabwido