8 Sep 2012

Northern Marianas Governor calls impeachment resolution frivolous

9:43 am on 8 September 2012

The Northern Marianas Governor Benigno Fitial says he is innocent of the allegations contained in a resolution impeaching him.

He says the resolution is "frivolous" and accuses lawmakers who authored it of trying to cover up their lack of contributions to their precincts and the CNMI as a whole.

The governor says he is shocked that the House minority bloc chose to pre-file an impeachment resolution while he was off-island.

He says he has been open to meeting with lawmakers if they have concerns.

Despite the introduction of the impeachment resolution, Fitial said he will continue to work with the Legislature in addressing issues affecting the CNMI.

House Speaker Eli Cabrera gave the Special Committee on Impeachment 30 days to report on the impeachment resolution.