7 Sep 2012

Papuan human rights activist says no let up in abuses by military

6:05 pm on 7 September 2012

A human rights activist in Indonesia's Papua says there's been little apparent improvement in the conduct of the military in the disputed region.

Despite being frequently linked to rampant human rights abuses in Papua region, Indonesia's military is being provided with more weapons and equipment from both the US and Australia.

Denny Yomaki of the Demo for Freedom NGO says village raids, violence and torture of Papuans by soldiers continue to create a climate of fear in Papua.

He says while the military has begun trying to get onside with Papuans through social outreach projects, troops still largely enjoy impunity for abuses.

"I don't see any development or changes, changes in the attitude. Abuse can be blamed on lower ranked officers by the commanders of military or police but it's been going on for many years and no change."

Denny Yomaki