7 Sep 2012

Indonesian military not forthcoming on operations in Papua - editor

4:30 am on 7 September 2012

A newspaper editor in Indonesia's Papua province says the military doesn't release clear information about the size and nature of its troop deployments across the remote eastern region.

Victor Mambor, the editor-in-chief at Tabloid Jubi, says that his publication is generally free to report on issues involving the military in Papua.

However he says the military rarely divulge information in response to questions about alleged abuses by soldiers and affiliated militia.

There are signs that hundreds of troops have amassed in Keerom Regency on the border with PNG but Mr Mambor says the military doesn't give much away about why they are there.

"I spoke with the Commander in Chief about the military there. They told us they can reduce the number of the military there but people.. it must be granted that there will be no conflict there."

Victor Mambor.