6 Sep 2012

US military support for Indonesia questioned after call for peaceful resolution in Papua

3:29 pm on 6 September 2012

The East Timor & Indonesia Action Network has questioned the US Secretary of State's call for peaceful resolution to conflict in Papua when her government is providing more weapons to Indonesia's military.

While in Indonesia this week Hillary Clinton has urged consultation between Indonesia's government and the people of Papua.

She says the US deplores violence in Papua and has called for full and transparent investigations into recent killings there.

The Network's John Miller says while the US speaks frequently about the need for human rights abuses in Papua to end, it is arming the people who are responsible for most of the abuse.

"The words are about human rights sometimes. But the actions are just, particularly under the Obama administration and in the later years of the Bush administration, are increasingly supplying the tools of violence to Indonesia's military and police."

John Miller

Meanwhile, Australia's Defence Minister Stephen Smith has indicated his government will begin selling military equipment to Indonesia.