6 Sep 2012

American Samoa elections will have highest ever number of women candidates

3:21 pm on 6 September 2012

The 2012 elections in American Samoa will include the highest number of female candidates in the Territory's history.

60 candidates are vying for the 20 House of Representatives seats.

And 10 of them are women, including former lawmaker Fiasili Haleck, veteran educator Dr Trudie Iuli Sala and well known business woman, Florence Saulo.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says there's a lot of discontent with the achievements of the current legislature.

"While there have been efforts to try and make changes, we really haven't seen that and then also when you go out to the villages the state of the roads, the services that the government should be providing, with broken down seawalls and roads, I think that the candidates that are running, many of them are first timers, really believe that they can make a difference."

Monica Miller says there are also two female candidates in the governor's race.