5 Sep 2012

Historian says Solomon Islanders killed by old explosives from WW II

3:14 pm on 5 September 2012

A Solomon Islands-based historian says explosives left behind after the Second World War have led to several deaths in recent years.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced an additional 3.5 million US dollars in support from the US to help clear up the unexploded ordnance in the Pacific.

Historian John Innes says there are still many explosives left over in Solomon Islands and at least a handful of people have died in the past five years while using them as fishing devices.

"You've had people say using hacksaws or trying to get to the explosives in very primitive ways and setting them off. And there have been casualties on a fairly regular base, say one or two a year, where people against all the advice, they are still having a go at it to try to use it for their daily fishing."

John Innes says he hopes the extra funding will mean locals can learn the latest techniques on how to remove unexploded bombs.