5 Sep 2012

American Samoa pet shop owner steps in after only vet clinic closes

1:26 pm on 5 September 2012

An American Samoa veterinary technician says she has been overwhelmed by local demand since the Department of Agriculture shut down the territory's only veterinary clinic.

The owner of AT Pet Supplies, Tanya Tarasawa, says there has been a marked increase in pets needing care since the Government clinic closed on Friday due to budgetary concerns and the lack of a licensed veterinarian.

Ms Tarasawa says the Department of Agriculture is referring all pet health inquiries to her until the clinic is re-opened, but she says she can only do so much.

"I don't do any anaesthetics, I cannot do any spaying or neutering, which is always needed here. We have an abundant amount of animals, so if we don't control the animal population we will end up with too many."

Tanya Tarasawa says the search for a licensed veterinarian is underway, and she hopes the clinic will reopen once a budget is passed for the next fiscal year.