5 Sep 2012

O'Neill promises to rebuild PNG's public institutions and infrastructure

4:19 am on 5 September 2012

In his State of the Nation address in parliament, Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has promised to rebuild the country's public institutions and infrastructure.

Recommitting his government to free education and healthcare plans, Peter O'Neill declared the recent months of political turbulence a learning curve for the country.

Johnny Blades reports

"Peter O'Neill says Papua New Guinea has a window of opportunity to convert its strong economic growth into meaningful participation for citizens in the growth sectors. In an extensive speech which outlined the government's anti-corruption strategy, he announced plans to curb spending and boost infrastructure projects, and restructure the Public Services Commission. Overhauling the ailing public service is described as critical to providing the long-term stability for the economy. Mr O'Neill also laid out a long list of legislation to be reviewed and repealed, including contentious legislation from the political impasse of the year leading up to the recent election, in which two groups claimed to be government."