3 Sep 2012

Pacific media must adapt quickly to online technologies - publisher

4:09 am on 3 September 2012

The Taimi o Tonga publisher, Kalafi Moala, says traditional print and broadcast media needs to ensure it is quickly adapting to changing online technologies if it is to reach young people.

Kalafi Moala was speaking on crucial digital developments and key trends in the Pacific at the Project Revolution conference in Auckland.

Mr Moala says people in the Pacific are getting their news and information less and less from print media.

He says while they still tune into the radio and TV, most information is now obtained online, and for young people especially, it is through their smart phones.

"To go on a website, you've gotta have a computer, you've gotta have a laptop, but kids with smart-phones, they can do banking, money transfer, check the weather, even get their news from the phone. So the phone to me, is far more powerful than the computer. For us who are in traditional media we are just trying to figure out now how to get our message content delivered to this generation through smart-phone."

The Taimi o Tonga publisher, Kalafi Moala.