1 Sep 2012

Sport: Two Pacific athletes compete in 200metres heats in London

9:18 am on 1 September 2012

To the Paralympics, and two Pacific athletes competed in the 200metre heats last night.

Vanuatu's Marcel Houssimoli failed to qualify in his heat with a time of 30.12 seconds

However, Papua New Guinea's Francis Kampaon did better in his heat coming in fourth on a time of 23.33 second.

Kompaon is also racing in the 100m, while Houssimoli is down to run the 100 and 400m over the next week.

Vanuatu's Chef de Mission Andrew Bynon says they're not expecting too much from Houssimoli, who is short on recent competition.

"With the situation in a developing country, getting your competitors to competitions is the biggest struggle. The biggest competition he's had before this was the Oceania Paralympic Championships, and that was in May 2011, and, from a development perspective, that's the thing that we need the most assistance with is getting our athletes to more competitions so they get more experience and will be more competitive when it comes to the Paralympics."