31 Aug 2012

NZ's Key says Fiji's suspension from Forum remains unchanged

7:08 am on 31 August 2012

The Prime Minister, John Key, says New Zealand is not taking it for granted that Fiji will hold elections in 2014, which is why the island nation's suspension from Pacific Islands Forum will remain unchanged.

The region's leaders are meeting on One Foot Island in the Cook Islands for a day long retreat where Fiji will be one of the main topics.

Australia's Julia Gillard has returned home early after the deaths of five soldiers in Afghanistan.

The other leaders will receive an update about election preparations in Fiji.

But Mr Key until the elections have taken place and the military returned to the barracks, Fiji will remain suspended from the forum.

"There will always be a range of views but from New Zealand's perspective we do want to encourage the positive signs we are seeing but we don't want to overstate those positive signs there is always a chance Bainimarama won't go ahead with those elections that's been the position in the past, so we will take it one step at a time."

New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key.