30 Aug 2012

Pacific countries to seek more help with fisheries surveillance

2:06 pm on 30 August 2012

Tonga's Prime Minister says Pacific countries need to have better marine security to monitor illegal fishing in their exclusive economic zones.

New Zealand is to announce assistance to improve monitoring of illegal poaching of the region's largest respource.

Lord Tu'ivakano says some Pacific countries have surveillance, but catching illegally operating vessels is nearly impossible.

He says most of the world's fishing stocks are in the Pacific.

"I'm sure there's a lot of countries who do illegal fishing, so I think that's something that needs to be looked at in the Pacific, and also with the big boys, so that they can support or give support in surveillance, so that we will be able to protect our economic fishing reserves."

Lord Tuivakano says leaders will raise the issue with the United States secretary of State, Hillary Clinton when she meets with them.