29 Aug 2012

Government grant extends research project into Pasifika children

2:59 pm on 29 August 2012

The New Zealand Government is providing 400 thousand US dollars in additional funding for research on the health, development and social integration of Pasifika children in this country.

AUT University's Pacific Island Families study has followed over 1000 Pasifika children since birth in 2000, with the latest research focusing on their adolescence and how they participate in society.

Professor Janis Paterson, who heads the study, says findings from their research have so far prompted changes in education, social services, and policy regarding Pacific youth and families.

"We've seen some changes in the area of immunisation, particularly in terms of breast feeding, bringing on more culturally appropriate nurses, those sorts of things. Some of our findings have shown that specific Pacific services for different Pacific groups are very important."

Professor Paterson says the additonal funding will ensure their findings continue to contribute towards the increased participation and success of Pacific youth in New Zealand society.