29 Aug 2012

CNMI governor says allegations against him not enough to impeach him

10:20 am on 29 August 2012

In the Northern Marianas, the Governor's administration says the alleged offences contained in a pre-filed resolution impeaching the Governor are not enough to put him on trial before the Senate.

The governor's press secretary, Angel Demapan, says Governor Fitial recognizes that impeachment is a process provided for in the Northern Marianas Constituiton.

But Mr Demapan says the alleged offenses against the governor contained in the resolution do not rise to the levels of impeachment proceedings.

He also added that proponents of the impeachment know this, but it appears they are pressing forward only because of imagined political advantage in an election year.

The governor, who is in Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention, also added the allegations brought against him are part of a smear campaign by a handful of disgruntled lawmakers.