29 Aug 2012

Pacific small states keen to include interests in review of Pacific plan

4:17 am on 29 August 2012

The leaders of the Pacific small islands states will lobby the wider Pacific Islands Forum to include their interests in any review of the Pacific plan.

The small island states leaders held the first meeting of the Forum leaders summit in Rarotonga.

Megan Whelan reports from Rarotonga.

"Leaders discussed issues including transport, calling for more action on the ground in island countries. They discussed the ongoing challenges of climate change, including international funding that most Pacific countries are yet to see. Also on the agenda was a report into the Forum secretariat, a draft of which says there is a perception among some member countries that particular staff of the Secretariat are not there to serve them, but to do bidding of two particular Forum countries. The small island states leaders felt there needs to be more consideration of the review, and the underlying reasons for it. Today, the Pacific members of the African Caribbean and Pacific group of countries meet, to discuss trade and development issues."