28 Aug 2012

Tongans give their views on proposed Leadership Code

1:47 pm on 28 August 2012

Tonga's National Leadership Development Forum is seeking input from communities around the country on what should be included in the Leadership Code.

This week it is taking submissions from the people of Tongatapu and will bring the data from around the country together next month to develop the code.

The chairperson, Drew Havea, says the Forum wants to create an enabling environment in which leaders at all levels can emerge and the code is a key part of this.

He says requirements such as honesty, accountability and respect are being put forward, and the meetings are developing indicators on how leaders can achieve these principles.

"For example when we talked about respect, there are differing levels of respect, in a cultural way, respect for the office, respect for the responsibility you are supposed to take, respect for brothers and sisters. So there is a variety of respect and we want to define it and add it on the side as indicators."

The chair of Tonga's National Leadership Development Forum, Drew Havea.