27 Aug 2012

Fiji doctors voice ethical and logistical concerns over proposed euthanasia clinic

6:13 pm on 27 August 2012

The President of the Fiji Medical Association has poured cold water on the reported proposal of Exit Australia to open a euthanasia clinic in Fiji.

Dr James Fong says there are logistical issues to say nothing of the ethical problems with euthanasia.

Prominent Australian euthanasia campaigner Dr Phillip Nitschke has told Australian media he petitioned the interim Fiji government last year and received a positive response, requesting more information.

Fiji Village reports the Ministry of Information saying there are no plans for a euthanasia clinic and it was standard practice to respond to submissions by requesting further details.

Dr Fong says the Fiji Medical Association does not have an active policy on euthanasia due to a lack of demand for it within Fiji.

He says should a request from overseas be accepted, there would have to be extensive consultation between the government and the medical association.

"The logistics of the service is more of a concern for me, if someone wants to bring in this service. That would be the biggest concern, whether we as a medical system can support the setting up of such a service, let alone the ethical considerations that are behind the issue of euthanasia."

President of the Fiji Medical Association Dr James Fong.