27 Aug 2012

Pacific countries have a lot to gain from new energy systems

4:17 am on 27 August 2012

The head of a green energy company says Pacific countries have a lot to gain from new technology energy systems which can be used for cooking and heating.

Curtis Reid says a green energy pod being show cased to leaders in Rarotonga uses photovoltaic panels, a wind generator and water, to produce and store hydrogen gas at low pressure.

Mr Reid says the green energy pods could help Pacific nations meet their energy needs into the future as they can be used in remote locations and in disaster relief situations

He says he hopes the new solar and wind technology systems will reduce the reliance on diesel fuel.

"The world in general is just getting pressured when it comes to our hydrocarbon addiction right across the board. in areas like the Pacific Islands an ability to produce a form of energy to be used in cooking and heating, at the source, and not be so reliant on the distribution of our hydrocarbon chain can be quite advantageous."

General Manager of ESG Energy, Curtis Reid.