27 Aug 2012

Marshalls film to headline New York Film festival

4:17 am on 27 August 2012

A Marshall Islands filmmaker says he is thrilled to have his latest feature film chosen to be screened at the New York-based Moondance International Film Festival.

Jack Niedenthal and his co-producer Suzanne Chutaro, who created The Sound of Crickets at Night, have also been honoured with a Moondance Atlantis Award for foreign feature films.

Mr Niedenthal says it is the first time a film from the Marshall Islands has been selected for the festival, which will be held next month.

"We were thrilled. To have something that was created in the middle of the Pacific on these tiny little islands, having it go all the way to New York city and being there in an opening show for the film festival is really quite an honour. We were all jumping for joy and quite surprised. It was a really unexpected but nice feeling."

Jack Niedenthal says the film, which is his 4th in the Marshallese language, is about the people of Bikini Atoll who were exiled to Ejit Island following US nuclear weapons tests.