22 Aug 2012

PNG PM accused of using public funds for election campaign

10:24 pm on 22 August 2012

Papua New Guinea's deputy opposition leader has accused the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill of using government resources for his party's successful election campaign.

Sam Basil's accusation comes after the Ombudsman Commission signalled it would investigate how funds were used by candidates in the recent general election.

Mr Basil says Mr O'Neill had an unfair advantage going into the election because of his position as Prime Minister.

"We believe that the PNC (People's National Congress) which is the party of the Prime Minister, we believe that they may have used their influences, in terms of using government resources like aircraft, purchase orders, cheques in terms of paying for hire cars, plane tickets and other services which have been provided during the campaign period."

Sam Basil says that his party, the PNG Party led by Opposition leader Belden Namah, was the only party to declare how much it would spend campaigning.

He says no public funds were used in their campaign.