22 Aug 2012

Series of picture books teach children Samoan phrases

4:02 am on 22 August 2012

A series of picture books which introduce children to Samoan phrases has been launched to help young people learn the language.

The three books use several simple Samoan expressions with full translation and follow siblings Alofa and Filipo as they learn their language.

The author Karamia Muller says learning the language was a life-long dream which she has just completed.

She says the books are aimed at all children and she hopes they will have an empowering effect on Samoan children in particular.

"I hope it brings language into homes of those who identify as being Samoan but perhaps feel excluded from the language side, I mean especially with being Samoan, oratory is such a large part of Fa'a Samoa so I hope it's empowering and inclusive."

Karamia Muller says her dream is to create the books in all Pacific languages.

The first book is called How do you say 'thank you'?, and the second and third books are based around the words please and sorry.