21 Aug 2012

Fiji regime leader imperils consultation process, says Ali

6:26 pm on 21 August 2012

A Fiji women's advocate Shamima Ali says the Prime Minister's interference in the constitutional commission could undermine the process.

Last week, Commodore Frank Bainimarama said the constituent assembly would be made up of credible people who think positively about Fiji's future, and that the head of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, is not in that league.

The regime move comes after Fiji's three leading women's organisations said some of the non-negotiable principles in the constitution are matters for the people to decide, not for the state to dictate.

Ms Ali says the NGOs were questioning the process of appointing the constituent assembly, which needs to be open and transparent.

"We see this process as flawed, if those things continue happening, if the [Commodore] keeps telling us off, making personal attacks, and interferes in the work of the Commission, because we see that as interference. So, that should be cause for concern for all of us."

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre's Shamima Ali.