21 Aug 2012

Guam Senator calls for better mental health services for troops

6:17 pm on 21 August 2012

A Guam Senator Judith Guthertz has renewed her call for beefed-up mental health services for returning and relocating troops.

She says hundreds of reservists returning from overseas deployment on top of the relocation of thousands of troops from Okinawa will put existing private and military services under pressure.

Ms Guthertz says Guam will need more funding and facilities for those suffering from warfare-related illnesses like post traumatic stress disorder.

"Right now what the military does for returning military personnel who may need special help, they send them to Hawaii. The problem is they can't take someone with them, they can't bring a spouse oR family member to be with them and therefore we'd like to see those services available here."

Senator Guthertz wants the Department of Defence to provide funding for special mental services at the new naval hospital being built.